World Class Hawaiian Fishing Adventure in Kona

Saying “Welcome to Kona Hawaii” is just an understatement!  How about “Welcome to a World Class Hawaiian Fishing Adventure!”  Casey Jedynak’s family are newly transplanted locals from Richmond WA.  Imagine your family arranging for a day of fishing in the beautiful waters of  Kona for what turned out to be a battle with a estimated 500+ pound Pacific Blue Marlin.  Yes it was Casey’s first Marlin.  His largest fish until now was a 20 pound Salmon.   We were one for three today.  This was the second bite for the day.  Casey did a great job on the rod.  The strength and determination of youth was surely a factor in this fight!  I am proud to say it was taken on the Lucky Linda Lure by Bomboy Lures.  Lucky Linda has been on a brief vacation lately.  The current batch of marlin have not taken her seriously.  She is now back in business!

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