The Ono are here!









Peter and his family,  including his young Grandson Scout, boarded the Fire Hatt with such enthusiasm.  We were bound to hook up something today.  Fishing had been a little slow, a few Mahi Mahi and a few Ono being reported along with a few nice Marlin in the past week.  We put out our Ono rigs and headed out to “Ono Lane” (40 fa) and hoped for a strike.  Nothing!  Not even a knockdown.  We changed out rigs and headed to deeper water.  Hoping for a Spearfish or Marlin.  Nothing.  Young  Scout waited beside a rod that was designated as his.  Again nothing.  Finally we headed back to Ono Lane, changed the rigs back and we are bit!  Peter brought the fish to the boat in just minutes.  Sometimes when you want a fish so bad for a guest it seems impossible to get one.  This time it payed off.   After packaging fish for them to take back to their condo, Peter’s wife Jenny prepared the Ono 3-ways.  Battered, baked, and sashimi style. It was delicious.

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