Teen Tenacity and Tuna

Teen Tenacity and Tuna were the equation for the new family record fish!  15 year old Jamie was the first angler today and this would be her first fish EVER.  (I always lean toward Lady Luck and first timers as good omens.)  Back home in Florida, Jamie is a Varsity Cheerleader and is very strong.  This proved to be helpful today when she jumped in the chair as the stinger line is screaming off.  We were making a pass on the 500 fathom line straight out from the cruise ship when we hooked up.  They even commented on that because they arrived today on that same ship.  Jamie fought this fish with everything she had and never tired.  Her Dad, Ron was beside her the whole time coaching her on keeping the line going back on the reel even and encouraging her to keep winding until the tuna was landed.  When the fish came to the boat, we were not actually expecting a Tuna, the fish did not sound into the deep as tuna tend to do, it stayed pretty shallow.  (Maybe because Jamie did not give it a chance to dive.)  It was too heavy for a Spearfish and it never jumped like a Marlin…needless to say, she set the bar pretty high for the rest of the family.  With lines back in the water our goal is to get her older brother Justin a fish too.  The day is almost over and we have to get the family back to the Cruise Ship.  Justin will have to wait to claim a new family record.  We are looking forward to having this family back soon.

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