First Striped Marlin for Illinois Friends

First Striped Marlin for Illinois Friends.  Johnny G, along with Mike and his dad Bill from Huntly, IL have a story to tell when they arrive back home!  While visiting the Big Island during a convention they were attending, the group decided to take time off for a Kona fishing adventure.  And an adventure it was! We waited almost all day for our first bite.  The two best friends awaited the first bite by spending time on the bridge, on the bow, in the salon and cockpit.  We checked out every single sign we saw from floating debris and birds to another boat that was hooked up.  Finally, while circling that boat a safe and respectful distance away, our long rigger went down!  A Bomboy “M16” lure has tempted the fish!  The fight is on.  Johnny is in the chair and remembering every single detail from the “chair talk” earlier today while he sucessfully lands the 80lb  Striped Marlin in just under fifteen minutes with no help from the crew!  Awesome Job!  Once the Striped Marlin was successfully tagged and the hooks easily removed, Johnny was able to assist in reviving the fish.  We explained the importance of releasing the billfish and the impact this makes on our fishery. By letting this one go, it insures more fish for them to catch later.  These two Seventh Grade friends will share this memory for a lifetime.  Hopefully, Mike’s Dad will bring him back soon to catch his first Marlin too.

Johnny featured in photo above assisting release of his Striped Marlin.  Best friend Mike along with his Dad featured in main photo.

New Family Record Mahi Mahi for Tucson Couple

New Family Record Mahi Mahi for Tucson Couple.  Steven and Catherine from Tucson, AZ  returned to the Big Island for another day of fishing in Kona Hawaii. Last year, Steven caught a Mahi Mahi and Catherine did not get a chance on the rod….well, things changed!  After an early morning triple strike of Striped Marlin and Shortbill Spearfish that eluded our razor sharp hooks and created ten minutes of  sheer excitement, I headed for the top corner of the grounds where I heard there had been a few fish caught.  Within about fifteen minutes of arriving to the area, the short rigger rod is bit, we are hooked up.  Catherine is in the chair and after a swift 10 minute fight, her 28 pound Mahi Mahi is in the boat!  Catherine has established the new family record…. Steve was quite proud of her.

Catherine featured in photo with Adam Ludwig and her 28lb Mahi Mahi March 2012

Another Great Day of Marlin Fishing in Kona Hawaii for Jacob Kleiss

While vacationing in Kona this week, Jacob Kleiss along with his parents James and Rhonda and sisters, Sarah and Jenna boarded the Fire Hatt for a morning of snorkeling at Captain Cook followed by a little fishing.  Both turned out to be a great success.  We fished our way down to the bay with no luck.  Once out of the water and on our way back up the coast, we were bit just outside of “VV” Buoy.  There were earlier reports of blind strike Ahi at the buoy so we decided to try our luck there.  While we did not get the Ahi we targeted, I think Jacob was delighted with his first billfish, a 80 lb Striped Marlin.  Jacob is a Junior at Ronald Regan High School in San Antonio, Texas and will have a great story to tell about Marlin Fishing In Kona Hawaii.

Captain Chuck Talks Kona Fishing (Video)

It’s hard to describe the type of experience that you can expect with us when you are out on the water, so we created this short Kona fishing video to help show off what we’re all about.

Lucky Linda Lure Lights up Another Marlin









Jim Williams brought his family back for a second fishing adventure aboard FIRE HATT.  Zachery Williams, Jim’s son,  caught and released a Striped Marlin after a short battle that he caught on the new weapon in the arsenal, the Lucky Linda Lure, that was made for her by Bomboy.  Jim also brought along Marty Raphael and his wife Susan.  Marty is a career U.S. Forest service man who is involved protecting endangered species in the state of Washington.  Marty  caught dinner for them all with a nice Mahi that was brought home.  It was one of those early spring days in Kona with 84 degree air temp and the water was 79.

Tyler K Releases his first Striped Marlin

Tyler Kraemer in Kona aboard the FIRE HATT

Tyler K in Kona aboard the FIRE HATT

On February 21, 2011 Tyler K, along with his wife Tammy here on vacation celebrating his 40th birthday with longtime friends Geof and Leslie from Colorado.  After a morning of fishing our way down to Captain Cook Monument for a few hours of snorkeling, we headed back up the line towards the harbor.   We encountered a fantastic show of Humpback Whales and then several hundred Porpoise performing for us!  All of a sudden, we are bit.  It did not stick the first time and after turning and going back, it hit again.  After a 4 minute fight, Tyler had his first Striped Marlin to the boat.  Congratulations Tyler.