Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament Days One and Two Update

Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament Days One and Two Update of the teams that fished on the Fire Hatt shows Team Captain and Angler Masaharu Matsushita of the Kona Game Fishing Club Taiyo  from Japan with his release flag for day one.  Masaharu released a 150 pound Pacific Blue Marlin on Monday and later in the day had another chance to capture a flag and the fish did not stick.  We are One for Two on day one.  This team has been fishing the HIBT in Kona Hawaii for over 30 years.  On day two, Martin and Mitchell Firestein representing the Balboa Angling Club from California were Zero for Four.  We just could not get one to stick.  The Marlin are hitting the lures fast and furious!  Martin and Mitchell were hoping to deploy a Satellite Tag into a Pacific Blue Marlin that will track the travels and behaviors of the fish for 120 days.  The program is called the Great Marlin Race.  You can go to their website and get information on last years data at , Check it out.  Several tags will be deployed this year.


Mahi Mahi Fishing in Kona Hawaii

Mahi Mahi Fishing in Kona Hawaii is every bit as exciting as hooking into a Spearfish or Marlin especially if it is a big one! This one was!  For Roy Small of Lancaster, PA  this Mahi Mahi was one of the largest fish he had ever caught.   A short while later we had a Blue Marlin strike that did not stick.  Then about an hour later, another Marlin strike, again  it did not stick.  We intend to release them anyway, but it is still fun to walk them around first.  Today, Mahi Mahi fishing in Kona Hawaii proves to be luckier than Marlin Fishing In Kona.  We start fishing the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament this week and knowing where these Marlin are gives us a starting place for the tournament.

Not only a First Marlin While Fishing In Kona Hawaii

Not only a first Marlin while fishing in Kona Hawaii,  but also his first Shortbill Spearfish.  Dirk and Martina Untermann along with their two daughters Suenjn and Maike boarded the Fire Hatt for a day of fishing with the prize in mind being his first Pacific Blue Marlin.  After we had three bites and nothing sticking, finally a Blue aggressively took the bait.  Fight is on!  Dirk fought the estimated 180 pound Blue Marlin for 25 minutes as the fish charged the boat, tried to outrun the boat and then finally just went deep. Dirk released the Pacific Blue Marlin in hopes that one day he will return to catch it again.   Once the marlin was released we started our journey back up the line to the harbor.  After having about an hour to embrace the event that just occured, the same line is bit again, third time today and this time Dirk brings in a Trophy Shortbill Spearfish.  I’m just going to say, The Lucky Linda Lure by Bomboy Lures gets lucky again.  How good does it get?  Dirk and his family were still all smiles as they left us at the end of the day.  A fun time was had by all!