Yellowfin Tuna Caught Fishing in Kona Hawaii

This yellowfin tuna was caught by our Fresno CA guests while fishing with us in Kona Hawaii. Ted and Joanna Semonious along with their friends Steve and Keri Paregien and Brian and Justine Fisher boarded the Fire Hatt for a adventure they will be talking about for a while.   With lady luck on their side and of course the Lucky Linda Lure in the pattern, we headed south.  Keri was in the chair first.  She had never caught a fish, period.  In just a short time the stinger line is bit.  Keri jumps in the chair giggling with the widest eyes I have seen in a while.  She fights her fish with the help of  Ted Semonious,  a Fresno CA Fire Battalion Chief and the 88 lb Yellowfin is boated about 30 minutes later.  Did mention it was caught on the Lucky Linda Lure?  By Bomboy Lures.

Fishing Kailua Kona Hawaii, 11 Year Old Jake Ransick takes 150.5 pound Yellowfin Tuna

Fishing Kailua Kona Hawaii, 11 Year Old Jake Ransick takes 150.5 pound Yellowfin Tuna.  Marv Garrett along with his Grandson Jack and his Dad, Todd, son John, and son in law Stewart Rauch boarded the Fire Hatt for what turned out to be an epic day of fishing.  Two hours into the trip, the short corner is bit.  Marv Garrett, a longtime Tuna Club Member from Catalina Island, CA here celebrating his birthday is in the chair and fighting his first marlin of this trip.  After a 45 minute fight on 50 pound test line using one of  our prize KEN MATSUURA REELS, Marv releases a 300+ pound Pacific Blue Marlin.  The largest this year for a Tuna Club Member.  Not to be outdone, around 2:00 PM, the long rigger is bit.  One big splash and what seems like a mile of line screaming off we have another fish.  This time Marv’s  Grandson,  Jack Ransick of Encino, CA is in the chair.  Assisted by his Uncle John Garrett, Jack lands a 150.5 pound Yellowfin Tuna.  I am guessing it is his largest fish to date!  I should also mention it was caught on the now very lucky “Lucky Linda Lure” made for me by Bomboy Llanes.  (Bomboy Lures)

Lucky Linda Lure and Lady Luck

The Lucky Linda Lure and Lady Luck came together again for Team Fire Hatt last Saturday while fishing the 16th Annual Wahine Tournament in Kona Hawaii sponsored by Huggo’s Restaurant.  Linda Wilson, Kay Kolt, Kathy Nelson, Julia Leino and Dolly were an all girl team lead by our Captain Chuck Wilson.  We had a short corner bite early that screamed out line and then was off.  Followed by that, Linda Wilson successfully released the first Blue Marlin for our team after a 15 minute fight.  We are on the board!  Soon after that, the long rigger was bit.  Angler Kay Kolt brought another Blue Marlin to the boat quickly and just 20 feet from leader, it was off!  Two more bites later and the tournament is over.  We are One for Four today.  The winning fish was caught by Kari Teshima.  She reeled in a 733-pound Pacific blue marlin.  The fish earned the four-member team 733 points in the one-day, 64-team fishing tournament.  Kaimalino, where they fished with Capt. Manu Hind.   (The Lucky Linda Lure is made by Bomboy Lures.)

Not only a First Marlin While Fishing In Kona Hawaii

Not only a first Marlin while fishing in Kona Hawaii,  but also his first Shortbill Spearfish.  Dirk and Martina Untermann along with their two daughters Suenjn and Maike boarded the Fire Hatt for a day of fishing with the prize in mind being his first Pacific Blue Marlin.  After we had three bites and nothing sticking, finally a Blue aggressively took the bait.  Fight is on!  Dirk fought the estimated 180 pound Blue Marlin for 25 minutes as the fish charged the boat, tried to outrun the boat and then finally just went deep. Dirk released the Pacific Blue Marlin in hopes that one day he will return to catch it again.   Once the marlin was released we started our journey back up the line to the harbor.  After having about an hour to embrace the event that just occured, the same line is bit again, third time today and this time Dirk brings in a Trophy Shortbill Spearfish.  I’m just going to say, The Lucky Linda Lure by Bomboy Lures gets lucky again.  How good does it get?  Dirk and his family were still all smiles as they left us at the end of the day.  A fun time was had by all!

Lucky Linda Lure Lights up Another Marlin









Jim Williams brought his family back for a second fishing adventure aboard FIRE HATT.  Zachery Williams, Jim’s son,  caught and released a Striped Marlin after a short battle that he caught on the new weapon in the arsenal, the Lucky Linda Lure, that was made for her by Bomboy.  Jim also brought along Marty Raphael and his wife Susan.  Marty is a career U.S. Forest service man who is involved protecting endangered species in the state of Washington.  Marty  caught dinner for them all with a nice Mahi that was brought home.  It was one of those early spring days in Kona with 84 degree air temp and the water was 79.

Fish of a lifetime for Twin Canadian Brothers











Larry and Greg Hosegood from Winnipeg, Canada along with their families boarded the Fire Hatt early to get first crack at a fish.  They are fishing guides in Canada and realize the old saying “The early bird gets the worm”.  After giving the chair rundown to Greg, Linda had Larry’s son Skyler in the chair demonstrating what he could expect if a smaller fish bites.  Then the big fish hit the long corner bait.  A favorite lure of Linda’s that Bomboy Llanes (Bomboy Lures) crafted  especially for her.  It is appropriately named the “Lucky Linda” and had consistently been bit all week.   Three hours and five minutes later we had the Marlin to the boat.  It was tail wrapped and died during the fight.  I only wish everyone could have witnessed the brotherhood between these two men.  They coached and encouraged each other and kept remarkably cool during the entire fight!  They were saddened by the death of the fish and really wanted it to be released.  As did we.