Local Lady Angler Lands Shortbill Spearfish

Local Lady Angler Lands Shortbill Spearfish.  Kay Kolt, a passionate angler that resides on the Big Island brought along several friends for a day of fishing.  Kay managed to land a nice 30 lb Shortbill Spearfish while being jolted awake from a short snooze.  It was late in the afternoon, sandwiches had been eaten and there had been a lull in activity since two small Big Eye tuna were caught earlier by Steve Landis.  Everyone had their turn at “Being Up” when the short rigger line went off.  We are Hooked Up!  Kay was out of the salon and in the chair fighting the fish as if she had been sitting there all along….She appeared out of knowhere!  With her expert knowledge of the local fishing techniques, she had the Shortbill Spearfish to the boat in minutes.  Crewman Adam Ludwig gaffed the prize and immediately was able to control the fish and let everyone get photos.   See that smile,  for Kay  it is the same one if she brings in a Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Spearfish or any species!  She is considered our good luck charm.  Having been out on the Fire Hatt several times and having fished many of the local tournaments with us, and other boats over the years,  she is very lucky, that Lady Luck thing…. Kay has fished all over the world and has several “Trophy” fish to be proud of.  Though this is not her largest spearfish, it was just as trilling!

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