Hawaiian Fishing Lures, Do They Make A Difference?

Hawaiian Fishing Lures, Do They Make A Difference?.  Is there a difference in them and other lures used around the world?  I think so.  While keeping in mind, when a fish is ready to bite, it will bite what ever is drug in front of it.  However, I do think there is a science to consider when deciding your pattern for the day.  You want to pull lures that are going to atract a fish into your pattern.  What are the fish eating?  Where are the fish eating?  Local lure makers know this information.  They know what months certain bait fish are here and the depths they are hanging.  Local Hawaiian lure makers mimic these characteristics when making their lures.  They are not concerned with what is being bit in Mexico, Southern California or New Zealand.  They are interested in making lures that look like and swim like our local bait fish.  When I look back at our largest fish caught here in Hawaii, they have been caught on local lures.  We have caught our share on other favorites from our vast arsenal too.   Sometimes you just have to throw something out there to “mix things up”.  I also beleive that when new batches of fish show up in our waters, they have been eating baits we don’t have.  This is when putting out something a little different than the normal proves to be productive.  The fish then settle in and begin to look for the local bait.  Thus the reason for “local lures”.  Look back at your lures from the past twenty or so years and notice little has changed color wise.  Shapes change, size change and weight changes but the colors remain consistent.  The materials today are so much more advanced and the result is amazing.  Another thing to consider….look at the fishermen that are bringing in the trophy fish.  Many of whom are luremakers.  They are using their own lures.  You don’t really need more proof than that.  There have been many times that our guests will bring Lucky Lures from their own collections.  Their lures have won tournaments for them in their own waters and  are excited to give them a try here.  (Many times they prove to be productive…)  Who Knows! Just get out there and try them.


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