Goodbye My Friend

Farewell to Adam December 23, 2013

Today we laid Adam to rest at his favorite spot offshore from what we refer to as “Pine Trees Surf Spot”  Seven boats carrying friends and family paid their last respects as Father Gary Colton from Maui led us in prayer.  Goodbye my Friend…

“Our life changes in an instant when someone we love dies. Everything is different, except the love. The love doesn’t go anywhere. The sweet mystery is that love survives – it takes refuge in our hearts, weaves itself into the fabric of our minds, and rests deeply in our bones.  At first, and even for awhile, the heart may feel confused and twisted. Our emotions and moods swerve out of control. The usual delights of life no longer offer pleasure or comfort. We miss and long for our loved one.  Then a certain song plays on the radio, we enjoy a piece of apple pie, we laugh at something our dear one would find silly, we arrive at a new milestone in life – and, somehow, we’re restored to living life. Except, we find that we’ve awakened into a new and foreign land. Here, we live not with them, but remembering them. In a curious way, we discover that instead of seeing them before us, we find them right here, inside of us. This divine spark – living on in us – is their lasting legacy.”  (Quoted from Dorry Bless)


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  1. Don
    Don says:

    Hi Chick and Linda, So sorry and shocked to hear about Adam. He was such a great personable guy. You must be devastated. My boys and I will remember him doing what he love best. Don

  2. Gene Wells
    Gene Wells says:

    Dear Captain Chuck and Linda, I want to pass on my sincere condolences at the loss of your friend Adam. My son Steven and I spent an awesome day with you in May and Adam was a delight and we will not forget our time with you both. We will pray for you and his family. Again my deepest sympathy.

    Very respectfully,

    Gene Wells

    • linda
      linda says:

      Thanks Gene, Didn’t see this coming. We loved him like a son and miss him terribly. I wish he could see all the kind words coming in from friends like yourself that got to spend time with him. He was an awesome first mate.


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