Family Fun with Fire Hatt


This post is shared with you from one of our guests that posted their experience on TripAdvisor.

“What a great family fishing trip! We were initially a little hesitant about bring our 2 y/o girl and 4 y/o boy, but were assured that children were most welcome. The boat was absolutely beautiful, complete with drinks/snacks (which the children loved) and a lovely doggie, Abby!  We had an incident at the beginning of the trip where Captain Chuck showed such high integrity! He was informed by radio that another charter boat was in distress and needed a tow back into port.  Without a second thought, he immediately swung into action to help. He assured us that we would just extend our time out on the water to make up for the extra trip towing the boat back to port. We loved the extra time on the water and I was very impressed with his obvious involvement and support of the others in the fishing community.  Back to the fishing-their equipment was very obviously top notch. We had so many lines out for fishing, it was amazing. Even though we didn’t catch anything, we had a great time sitting in the “fishing chair”, sitting on the bow, up top with the Captain, etc. Chuck and Linda gave us great information about the waters, fish, geography, including info for the kids! We had also opted to take a couple of hours off from fishing to go snorkeling with our son-they had great gear for adults AND for him! He had his first snorkeling experience at Captain Cook Bay-he was squealing so loud underwater with excitement, you would have thought all sea life would have fled the area. To the contrary! As we left the area, a pod of spinner dolphins ran with the boat for around 5 minutes!! And I mean, RIGHT next to the boat. We could hear their blowhole breathing!  All in all, a fantastic trip. And the to travelers who fear the embarrassment of suffering from seasickness. Have no fear. We discovered our kids have this same ailment…both at the same time. Yuk. But Chuck and Linda handled it just like it completely the norm, even with a little cleaning having to be performed. And they both appeared to still love our children afterwards-God bless ’em!  Fire Hatt is truly a family business who can take you on a world-class fishing charter, and also modify their trips to suit a family. Thank you, Fire Hatt so much!”

We are humbled and honored by the feedback from our guests.  Our goal is for every guest to have a memorable experience to share with others.

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