560 lb Blue Marlin Kona Fishing

590 lb Blue Marlin at the Hawaiian Invitational Billfish Tournament

560 lb Blue Marlin Kona FishingOn day three of the Hawaiian Invitational Billfish Tournament, angler Steve Spina along with team member Sam Spinella with the Malibu Marlin Club weighed in a 590 lb Pacific Blue Marlin while fishing aboard the FIRE HATT.  Steve fought the fish for just over two hours.  The fish was taken on a favorite lure of theirs that captured a 560lb Blue Marlin for Sam the previous year during this same tournament.

157 lb Ahi Tuna

157 lb Ahi Tuna Fishing Kona

157 lb Ahi Tuna

Ken and Zale Benton from Gloversville, NY landed a 157 lb Ahi Tuna while fishing on the Fire Hatt with Captain Chuck and Linda Wilson.  We had an early bite that was believed to be a Spearfish that did not stick.  After lines were reset and the anticipation was high…another strike!  Ken fought the Ahi 34 minutes before landing his prize.

Wes Godfrey Releases his 350lb Blue Marlin

Wes and Eileen Godfrey from San Antonio, TX were aboard the FIRE HATT in Kona, Hawaii, when his fish hit the short rigger and never stopped!  Wes fought his fish for an impressive 30 minutes before we successfully released it.  Wes certainly has a great story to take home with him! Anytime you want to come fishing in Kona again Wes and Eileen, give us a shout and we would be happy to take you out again.

Two Blue Marlin Released – Kona Fishing

Today we set out on a Kona fishing trip with a couple of Canadians!

Fifteen minutes after leaving the harbor a 425 lb Blue Marlin hit the short corner bait and exploded in the air while everyone on the boat was watching the lures! The fish put on a spectacular aerial show .  James McKeachie from BC Canada successfully angled the fish to the boat in 41 minutes for a healthy release. Twenty minutes later in the same area another Blue Marlin came up behind the stinger line and swam with it for several seconds while we teased it into biting! Terry Green, also from BC successfully released his fish after just 39 minutes.  A great day was had by all.

400+ lb Blue Marlin Release

John and his son Kyle enjoyed two days of fishing aboard FIRE HATT while visiting from Vienna, VA.  On the first day about an hour before the trip was over, the short rigger went off!  After about 45 minutes Kyle had his 400+ lb Blue Marlin to the boat.  After a successful release by crewman Todd Barrett the marlin swam into the deep.  Not wanting to be out done by his son, John was the angler on day two… only to land a Mahi Mahi that would not take the record held by Kyle.

Largest Marlin for the 2010 Hawaii Rock N Reel Tournament

560.5 lb Pacific Blue Marlin at Hawaii Rock N Reel Tournament

Largest Marlin for the 2010 Hawaii Rock N Reel Tournament

2010 Hawaii Rock N Reel Tournament

Captain Chuck Wilson, Deck Hand JD Hudson and Angler Linda Wilson along with teammates and longtime fishermen Russel and Deborah Witman from Redondo Beach, CA took Largest Marlin for the 2010 Hawaii Rock N Reel Tournament.

669 lb Blue Marlin at the Keauhou Yacht Club Tournament

669 marlin fishing kona

Captain Chuck Wilson along with the crew of Team Fire Hatt (Linda Wilson, Capt Bomboy and JD Hudson) entered the Keauhou Yacht Club Tournament on April 2nd and caught a 669-pound Blue Marlin to smoke the rest of the field.  Anglers Barbara Masters and Betty Eavis tag-teamed the fish and basked in the glory of holding the Big-Fish-Lead until receiving word of JR’s Hooker 3-pound advantage the following day. The anglers fought the fish for a little over an hour.

Shark Hunters and Shark Hunters: East vs West

As Seen on "Shark Hunters"

Chuck and his wife, Linda have been featured aboard the FIRE HATT on ESPN, OLN, and the VERSUS Television Show “Shark Hunters” and “Shark Hunters, East vs West” for their tournament winning ability. Together they have won over a dozen tournaments including the “Zane Grey” which is the largest Marlin Tournament on the West Coast of the US. See a video from the show’s opening sequence.

Great December

Great December Fishing in Kona

Great December Fishing in Kona

What a great month December was.  We had several folks out and the fish were cooperating.  Several Spearfish, Blue Marlin, Mahi and Ono.  This is the time of year for Spearfish to show in numbers. Several of our guests: The Clark’s, Rob and Heather, Charlie Gillespie and Mike Wagner came from British Columbia, and Charlie was from Anchorage.

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